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February 17, 2012


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Ever try that idea about the wonton-wrappers?


wrt gravel, despair not!

Things with deep roots can do just fine with it up to 4" deep, as we found around our front-yard pond in Canby. We had a cosmos in a pot that became a thicket of them the next year (excellent for growing songbird food and holding it up all winter if nobody comes through to mow).

Similarly, parsley is born to drill.

The stone mulch protects the soil from erosion just like any other mulch. It would protect against compacting except that if it's laid where some built structure used to stand that's presumably irrelevant. And it protects seedlings from being outcompeted, drowned or mossed over.

Not the best nursery, perhaps, but far from the worst.

refuse compactors

When dealing with weeds forming in newly established sod, it is important to consider what type of turfgrass you are trying to establish, along with what type of weeds that you want to eradicate.

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