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August 03, 2009


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Rustin H. Wright

Note, btw, that NASA has claimed a cost per pound as low as $10,000 for shuttle launches. In theory, that makes this project nothing actually all that impressive. Except for one little thing. While the actual lauch cost in dollars may be somewhere around $10,000 per pound for some larger payloads, the vast, crippling, and ideosyncratic paths to be navigated to get your payload accepted by NASA for the shuttle cost millions. You can't exactly whip up a device with your friends over the weekend, put in in a Foster's can, and drop it by Goddard with a check for nine or ten K and just expect to see your beastie on a shuttle payload list later that year.
This isn't just about cost ber weight. This is about accessibility. Does that make things clearer?

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