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October 17, 2008


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VOCs and other compounds are a big problem. Not to sound like one of those woo-woo crystal-clutchers who rave on about "toxins" without specifying any, I'm genuinely concerned about a lot of these products.

Case in point, for those of you playing at home: Go to the website of any major corporation that handles industrial chemicals (try Monsanto, ICI Paints, Dow Chemical, DuPont, or any big chemical supply house, like Fisher Scientific; 3M is also good -- you want adhesives, sealants, or threadlockers). Search among their Material Safety Data Sheets for random compounds and products that you might find around your house, workplace, or environment. Start reading the MSDSs. Pay particularly close attention to the first section (hazard information) and the section with the toxicological information. Even accounting for how understated toxicologist-speak tends to be, you might be surprised at what you find...

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