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October 30, 2008


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That's always part of the problem. Whenever circumstances are such that some people are in trouble, in general a large portion of those in trouble will always to some degree be guilty of getting themselves into trouble.

Put bluntly, choosing to help groups in trouble always tends to mean choosing to help some people who are in trouble because they themselves made stupid choices.

Which offcourse can feel unfair to those who are "rewarded" for making more sensible choices by receiving no help at all.

This dilemma is nothing new though, and not limited to finance. We also, for example, pay more for healthcare of individuals who have choosen an unhealthy lifestyle, for example.

Rustin H. Wright

Oh, I entirely agree. How could it not be enraging for people who *have* acted responsibly to see others get bought out of their poor behavior AND then have it all billed, so to speak to those who never did anything wrong?

I agree with you about that factor. But if you read further down you'll find that my point was not that but to bring up that the same people who are crashing now will keep crashing for quite a while to come. I didn't post that entry to talk about blame or unfairness. I posted it to talk about the all too high likelihood that, in some ways that defy evident expectations, it's going to get even worse from here.

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