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July 13, 2008


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Ed Freeman

Dude, if you want a keyboard get an EEE PC. Brilliant little things and it's 100% open source software.



I may yet get a device like that but an EEE PC is still about, what, four times the size of an iPhone? I'm more likely to get an N-800 or some such.

I'm looking for a device I can whip out of a pocket to note that I've written a check, or to take down contact info or check Google maps. IOW, a PDA that can also work as a Jornada-ish document editor.

As things now stand, I'm planning to wait until about mid-October to make my choices. I figure that a whole bunch of new devices will come out for the new school year and that by mid-October they'll have made it through the initial reviews and things like 1.01 firmware versions.

The really scary thing, though, is that I may yet end up with a cell phone, an N-800 or equivalent, a UMPC like the EEE PC or the MSI Wind or whatever the next version of the HP 2133 is, AND a 12" iBook to do my InDesign work. Since I expect to keep spending at least a month and a half a year on the road that may turn out to be my best option. There really should be a better way.

BTW, hi there. Been a hell of a long time.

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