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April 24, 2008


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Rustin Wright

And yes, I did type all that in. I tried to avoid typos and went over it all twice but I probably missed some little niggling thing or other.

Even so. I think the content is pretty muckin' clear.

And, just in case another reinforcement was needed, on the same front page was another story: Union Charges Auto Firm Strike Baiting.

Ya see, during the war, it was "obvious" that factory workers should sacrifice for the common good. After all, this was wartime and everybody had to do their part.

But for corporations, it was equally "obvious", all propaganda aside, that they were "entitled" to huge profits. After all, they shouldn't be expected to sacrifice without compensation.

There's a reason that the character in Little Orphan Annie is called Daddy WARbucks. After WW I *everybody* knew who had "given for the cause" and who had been given to.

Not that anything like that would happen now.


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