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March 22, 2009


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FYI -- It wasn't just his writing, exactly. When Star Trek was in danger of being cancelled, he spearheaded "The Coalition," an organisation of SF writers who mobilised the fan base and got the show saved for another season or two. I'm given to understand he did a lot of it sitting on an orange crate and cranking a mimeo machine.


Good for you! Check out “Leverage,” a drama on TNT,"The series devotes itself to the deflation of fat cats who have stolen, burned, bribed, defrauded: capitalist victimizers who are pierced each week by the slings and arrows of a band of independent hackers, thieves and grifters suddenly bound together to rectify the wrongs of economic disparity."

It's goofy at times but the cons and strategies are interesting to note. Same goes for Burn Notice. Learning the concepts and execution is useful for the burned, bribed, defrauded amongst us.

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