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November 13, 2008


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How lovely. Funny that I came across this, being one of those old Consumators of the past. <3


Awwww... I still miss consumating and all the consumaters. I made many good friends on that site, and even moved across the country for the love of someone I met there! The closeness of the community caused people to travel cross country to meet in person. There were marriages, and now a number of children (consuchildren?). It was an on line community that was smarter, quirkier, hipper, savvier and closer than any group of people sitting at computers all over the world could possibly be... or sadly, apparently will ever be again.


i remember when you posted this!! wistfully...

Rustin Wright

Maybe someday, maybe not even all too far away from now, a new site will manage to bring more of us together again in such a rich environment. Frankly, I've long been talking with the others in the Streetcar Press team about building our own social networking site. And if we do, rest assured, we'll work hard to incorporate the things that made Consumating so special in what we build and run.

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