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June 26, 2008


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A. Nuran

Don't worry. If Obama is elected he will be "politically pragmatic" and "tack to the center" on "contentious issues" as his campaign manager and the pundits put it.

His stated policies aren't bad. He's a hell of a speaker and can finesse the Republican Lie Machine. But this week he completely screwed the pooch. He had a chance, for the first time in his campaign, to take a meaningful stand against the least popular President in living memory on a matter of core principle. As the presumptive nominee he could have led, and the Democratic leadership would have fallen in line.

But he didn't. He supported the establishment of the "Good German" defense and tossed the Fourth Amendment out the window. Oh, he said he "wouldn't oppose" a filibuster attempt in the Senate. But he didn't do shit when he could have shown some courage.

He's better than John McCain. But now we've seen how he behaves when there's something important at stake. And it was a disgusting display worthy of Harry Reid.

Don't expect much from him.

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